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Order Samples

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SABS Building System Sample Box: Unveil the Future of Foam Build Modular and Finishes!

Inside the Sample Box:

  1. **Foam Block with SABScrete Applied:** Feel the foundation of our cutting-edge technology. Touch and analyze the lightweight yet sturdy foam block, showcasing the remarkable potential of our system with a sample of SABScrete expertly applied.
  1. **15 Top Picks Paint Colors:** Explore a palette of 15 premium paint colors that seamlessly blend with our foam build system. Witness the harmony between color and structure, and envision your project coming to life.
  1. **Choice of Finishes:** Dive into design diversity. Our sample offer your choice distinct finishes, each demonstrating the varied textures and styles achievable with our system. Feel the surfaces and envision the possibilities.
  1. **SABS Pen and Notepad:** Capture your inspiration as you explore the sample box. Our branded pen and notepad ensure that your creative ideas are never out of reach.
  1. **SABS Sticker:** Showcase your commitment to innovation. Display the SABS sticker proudly as a symbol of your association with revolutionary construction methods.


**Small Bundles:**

- Foam Block with SABScrete

- 15 Paint Color Samples

- 5 Finishes Selection

- SABS Pen and Notepad

- SABS Sticker


**Large Bundles:** (*Additional Value*)

- 10 Finishes Selection 



- Expand your creativity with extra finish samples for just $3 each.

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